Detailed programme

Wednesday July 6


Invited talk - Automated cars - slalom use case and time-deterministic infrastructure.

11:00-12:20, Red auditorium

Speaker: Hanzálek, Zdeněk, Czech Technical University in Prague


R&D in automated cars represents an attractive challenge for every control engineer. This talk will present an application with experiments and optimal use of the car's infrastructure.

First, we deal with an automated car aimed at performing a slalom use case defined by Porsche Engineering. The positions of the cones are not known, they may have unequal distances, and the U-turns may be symmetric or asymmetric. Namely, we show our trajectory planning algorithm based on optimization techniques using an external layer deciding a position of the nearest waypoint and an internal layer generating the optimal trajectory. The system's validation with Porsche Panamera reveals interesting observations about the components' precision, frequency, and sensitivity.

Second, we deal with the determinism and efficiency of the car's infrastructure. We suggest time-triggered scheduling algorithms to guarantee timing requirements of safety functionalities implemented as computational tasks and communication messages. Namely, we focus on the periodic scheduling of messages on FlexRay and IEEE 802.1Qbv Time-Sensitive Networks.

Everything must be safe and fast since we desire safe and fast automated cars.


Regular Session - Connected and Autonomous Cars

13:50-15:30, Red auditorium

Safe Eco-Cruise Control for Connected Vehicles against Trained Cyber Attacks

Mihaly, Andras (SZTAKI) 59237; Nemeth, Balazs (SZTAKI) 44289; Gaspar, Peter (SZTAKI) 16869

Privacy-Aware Methods for Data Sharing between Autonomous Vehicles

Alekszejenkó, Levente (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 135157; Dobrowiecki, Tadeusz (Budapest Univ of Technology and Economics) 15628

Driving Strategy for Vehicles in Lane-Free Traffic Environment Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient and Artificial Forces

Berahman, Mehran (Shiraz unversity) 147436; Rostami-Sharhrbabaki, Majid (Technical University of Munich) 125406; Bogenberger, Klaus (Technical University of Munich) 87279

Designing a Safe Intersection Management Algorithm Using Formal Methods

Saraoglu, Mustafa (Technische Universität Dresden) 88636; Pintscher, Johannes (TU Dresden) 145841; Janschek, Klaus (Technische Universität Dresden) 37033

Lane-Free Crossing of CAVs through Intersections As a Minimum-Time Optimal Control Problem

Amouzadi, Mahdi (University of Sussex) 146045; Orisatoki, Mobolaji Olawumi (University of Sussex) 146046; Moradinegade Dizqah, Arash (University of Sussex) 107311


Thursday, July 7

Invited talk - Proactive Autonomous Navigation in human populated environment

09:30-10:30, Red auditorium

Speaker: Martinet, Philippe, INRIA

Autonomous navigation in human populated environment is difficult as it is facing the freezing robot problem where generally reactive techniques fail. With a certain level of density, there is no solution if we don’t take into account the future evolution of the environment over a time horizon. There are different aspects to consider in this global problem. Human (or simply pedestrian with or without an electrical mobility devices) behaviors require to be observed or learnt in order to predict their evolution. An accurate and realistic model of such agent is necessary. In that area, recent advances have been done in by enhancing the classical Social Force Model. The second aspect concerns the observation as human represents an Hidden dimension and the question is what is necessary and can be observed? The third aspect deals with the control in order to monitor the action of the robot. The question is: what is the best action to do taking into account the knowledge we have and the observation we do in order to join a particular place in the human populated environment? During the presentation, I will present the recent advances that we have done in different research projects.


Regular Session - Driver Assistance Systems and Fault Detection

11:00-12:20, Red auditorium

Time-Optimal Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Radar-Based Automated Parking

Diehl, Christopher (TU Dortmund University) 143846; Makarow, Artemi (TU Dortmund University) 121334; Rösmann, Christoph (TU Dortmund University) 99494; Bertram, Torsten (Technische Universität Dortmund) 13321


Centralized Multi-Sensor Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Tracker for Autonomous Driving

Lee, Hyerim (Hanyang University) 146417; Jaeho, Choi (Hanyang University) 146436; Sejong, Heo (Seoul National University) 95464; Huh, Kunsoo (Hanyang Univ.) 18418

Optical flow-based angular rate sensor fault detection on UAVs

Bauer, Peter (Institute for Computer Science and Control) 50646; Kun, Szabolcs (SZTAKI) 148106

Obsolescence Management Practices Overview in Automotive Industry

Boissie, Kevin (Valeo Group) 144514; Addouche, Sid-Ali (University of Paris8) 40803; Baron, Claude (CNRS ; LAAS ;) 60839; Zolghadri, marc (Supmeca-Paris) 40968


Lunch 12:20 - 13:50

Regular Session - Human-Vehicle and Vehicle-Vehicle interaction

13:50-15:10, Red auditorium

Autonomous Systems Control Aided by Virtual Teleportation of Remote Operator

Moczulski, Wojciech (Silesian University of Technology) 40558

Transition Management between an Autonomous Vehicle and a Real Human Driver, in a Context of Take-Over Request

Hamdan, Ali (University of Technology of Compiegne UTC) 123916; TALJ, Reine (Heudiasyc, University of technology of Compiegne) 46711; cherfaoui, Veronique (University of Technology of Compiegne) 98837

Corridors-Based Navigation for Automated Vehicles Convoy in Off-Road Environments

Godoy, Jorge (Centre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)) 48595; Artuñedo, Antonio (Spanish National Research Council) 146007; Beteta, Miguel (Spanish National Research Council) 146008; Villagra, Jorge (Centre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)) 45697

A Communication Interface for Multilayer Cloud Computing Architecture for Low Cost Underwater Vehicles

Cardaillac, Alexandre (NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology) 148154; Ludvigsen, Martin (NTNU) 74880


Regular Session - Controller Design

15:50-17:10, Red auditorium

Slip Constrained Torque Controller Using Incremental Backstepping with Integral Barrier Lyapunov Function

Falcão, Pedro (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) 145924; de Angelis Cordeiro, Rafael (Instituto Superior Técnico) 87206; Paiva, Ely (UNICAMP) 87810; Azinheira, José Raúl (Instituto Superior Técnico - Technical Univ of Lisbon) 12802

Cloud-Based Adaptive Semi-Active Suspension Control for Improving Driving Comfort and Road Holding

Basargan, Hakan (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of C) 126227; Mihaly, Andras (SZTAKI) 59237; Gaspar, Peter (SZTAKI) 16869; Sename, Olivier (Grenoble Institute of Technology / GIPSA-Lab) 25802

Nonlinear 6-DOF Dynamic Simulations for Center-Articulated Vehicles with Combined CG

Badar, Tabish (Aalto University) 77882; Backman, Juha (Natural Resources Institute Finland) 48566; Tariq, Usama (Aalto University) 148165; Visala, Arto (Aalto University, ELEC School) 32547

Optimal PID Phi Axis Control for UAV Quadrotor Based on Multi-Objective PSO

Cardenas Bohorquez, Javier Alexis (Universidad Santo Tomas) 147515; CARRERO, URIEL (Universidad Santo Tomas) 147516; Camacho, Edgar C. (Universidad Santo Tomas) 138130; Calderon, Juan (Bethune Cookman University) 121531

Friday, July 8

Invited Session - Towards autonomous vehicles: how does AI get on board?

09:30-10:30, Red auditorium

Speaker: Perrotton, Xavier, Valeo, Driving Assistance Research

Armed with automotive-grade sensors and new dedicated hardware, all mobility solutions, from private cars to robotaxis or droids, can now benefit from cutting-edge AI models aboard. In this talk, we will explain how the introduction of more and more sensors and cutting edge-AI in cars over the years is leading the automotive industry in a long journey from parking assistance to driving assistance to full autonomy. We will deep dive in few challenges on this road:

  • How machine perception aims at turning sensory inputs into some useful understanding of the world
  • How imitation and reinforcement learning can help to build efficient AI model to predict vehicle trajectories as well as vulnerable road users
  • How a smart data management and trustworthy AI approaches are important to go from research to products

Finally, we will show the results of all that on Valeo Drive4U driving on open roads with only Valeo serial production sensors.


Regular Session - Path and Task Planning

11:00-12:20, Red auditorium

A Personalized Path Generation for an Autonomous Vehicle Overtaking Maneuver

Vigne, Benoit (Univ. Haute Alsace (UHA)) 129025; Orjuela, Rodolfo (Université de Haute-Alsace, IRIMAS UR7499) 35473; Lauffenburger, Jean-Philippe (Université de Haute-Alsace) 30262; BASSET, Michel (Université de Haute-Alsace) 13070

Trajectory Planning Considering Motion Sickness and Head Movements

Steinke, Alexander (Technical University of Darmstadt) 145899; Konigorski, Ulrich (Technische Universität Darmstadt) 19850

Autonomous Navigation of a Tracked Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Seder, Marija (Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla (ICENT)) 51755; Juric, Andela (University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Compu) 147404; Selek, Ana (University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Compu) 119825; Maric, Filip (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp) 124784; Lovrić, Marija (University of Zagreb Croatian Military Academy Dr. Franjo Tudman) 147403; Petrovic, Ivan (Univ. of Zagreb) 24114

Enough Is Enough: Towards Autonomous Uncertainty-Driven Stopping Criteria

Placed, Julio A. (Universidad de Zaragoza) 122912; Castellanos, Jose A. (University of Zaragoza) 48775

Regular Session - Aerial Vehicles

13:50-15:10, Red auditorium

Nonlinear Control Method for Backflipping with Miniature Quadcopters

Antal, Peter (Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI)) 144835; Peni, Tamas (Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI)) 24022; Tóth, Roland (Eindhoven University of Technology) 10641

Software-in-the-loop simulation of the forerunner UAV system

Hiba, Antal (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Computer Science an) 96522; Bauer, Peter (Institute for Computer Science and Control) 50646; Nagy, Mihaly (Institute for Computer Science and Control) 146000; Simonyi, Ernő (SZTAKI) 146017; Kisari, Adam (Institute for Computer Science and Control) 103702; Kuna, Gergely István (Institute for Computer Science and Control) 146020; Drotár, István (Széchenyi István University) 146012

Dynamic Trajectory for Landing an Aerial Vehicle on a Mobile Platform

Alatorre, Armando (Université technologie de Compigégne) 148183; Cariño, Jossué (Université technologie de Compigégne) 148184; Castillo, Pedro (Universite De Technologie De Compiegne) 14127; Lozano, Rogelio (Univ de Technologie de Compiegne) 21352

Wrench Estimation and Impedance-based Control applied to a Flying Parallel Robot Interacting with the Environment

Liu, Shiyu (LS2N, Ecole Centrale de Nantes) 148001; Fantoni, Isabelle (CNRS) 16180; Chriette, Abdelhamid (Ecole Centrale de Nantes) 148170; SIX, Damien (LS2N) 95557